Ajith Ashokan

Graduate Students

Ajith is a Chemist  coming from Kerala (India) with experience both in Industry and Academics.  Born in 1988, Ajith did his schooling from the cities of New Delhi and Kannur in India.  Ajith completed his Bachelors in Chemistry from Kannur University (Govt. Brennen College-2006-09).Thereafter, he moved to University of Delhi in 2009  to complete his Master's degree in Physical Chemistry (2011).  In April 2010, Ajith was awarded with a Summer Research fellowship by The Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore to work with a leading research group in India in the field of self- assembly of organic polymers for two months.

Ajith joined industry shortly after his Post Graduate studies. Initially, he was associated with M/s Proec Energy Ltd., at New Delhi as “Chemist-R&D”. Ajith was responsible for testing, evaluation and validation of drilling additives manufactured at the company. Ajith worked for approximately one year at Proec Energy Ltd. (2011-2012). Later joined  M/s Alent plc. (Currently Platform Inc.) as “Research Associate”. He worked with Fernox Division (Solar heat transfer fluids) and Alpha Division (working on solder pastes and fluxes) of Alent for two years from July 2012-July 2014. Thereafter, he joined King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in August 2014 as a “PhD Student”. Ajith did Electronic Structure calculations and Molecular Dynamics Simulations on highly OPV efficient polymers at KAUST.  Recently, he joined Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA to continue on with his PhD research.

Research Interests:

Investigation of influence of Morphology on Device Performance

  • Electronic Structure Calculations, Molecular Dynamics Simulations(LAMMPS) and SAPT(Psi4) Calculations on highly OPV efficient polymers.