Lei Zhang

Research Scientists & Postdocs

Lei joined Prof.Breda's group as a co-advised student in March 2017(originally affiliated with Prof. Meilin Liu in MSE). Lei obtained BS and MS both in Materials Science and Engineering, from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Penn State. As a computational materials scientist, Lei has experienced a wide spectrum of modeling and simulation techniques that commonly practiced in materials regime, including phase field, CALulation of PHAse Diagram (CALPHAD), DFT, MD and KMC. Current research interest of Lei include defect properties , surface science, thermodynamics properties of solid state oxides applied as electro-chemically active energy materials. Lei is a current member of MRS and APS, attended 6 international conferences&workshops and published ~10 journal articles, including Nat.Comm., Chem.Mater., Phys.Rev.B, etc.

In spare time, Lei likes hiking, playing basketball/badminton, traveling, reading and karaoke. Currently Lei is learning how to play a guitar.